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Hotspot Finder

Version 1.5
Find the nearest wi-fi hotspot
Application Hotspot Finder will help you find the nearest free wi-fi access point.
  • Covered area includes Czech republic, Germany, New Zealand
  • List of nearest wi-fi hotspots depending on current location
  • Ability to display a map of surrounding area
  • Works in offline mode, database is downloaded into device
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Hotspot Finder app can help anyone, who needs to connect to the internet while traveling. Before you travel, download the Hotspot Finder to make sure that you have the hotspot database available. Hotspot database is available even when you're offline (it is downloaded during the first launch of the app).

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Version 1.5

  • NEW Android 5 support (Material design)
  • NEW France coverage
  • NEW French localization

Version 1.4

  • NEW Users can add new hotspots and share them
  • NEW New Zealand, Germany coverage
  • FIX Major bug fixing

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Jaromír Vaněk